Cultivating Transformation & Connections

SOIL is a premier coaching and consulting firm dedicated to collaborating with leaders and organizations, fostering transformative environments in personal and professional spheres.

Leveraging years of collective experience and expertise, the SOIL team specializes in enhancing leadership efficacy across diverse sectors. With a strong emphasis on reflective practice and awareness building, we empower businesses, organizations, and movements to fully actualize their potential, making a profound impact in fulfilling their missions.

SOIL’s inquiry-based approach emphasizes learning, reflection, and wellbeing and has been refined through close work with leaders and organizations all over Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and North America.

Our team has unique expertise in how to shape and develop productive teams and learning environments of shared care, connectedness and belonging. Whether you work, teach or learn online, offline, or hybrid, SOIL can help you to develop and grow a deep culture of leadership and collaboration.

SOIL offers expertise in five core areas:

Learning Strategy Icon
Learning Strategy Design for Organizations and Institutions
Inclusion and Cross-Cultural Team Development
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Digital Transformation
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Executive Coaching for Leadership Development
Facilitation Training

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